古着屋rhythm.war*pがリリースするpost-vintageは、多様なアーティストと共に古着に”今”を吹き込み、時間軸を超えたコミュニケーションの可視化を図る作品群です。 またそこに感じる生命(エネルギー)を探求するものです。
古着を扱っていると素晴らしいアイデアに遭遇します。それは時間軸を飛び越えた(war*p)コミュニケーションのように思えるのです。 そして、時を越えたコミュニケーションには生命(エネルギー)を感じます。







"post-vintage" is the artwork that vintage clothing store rhythm.war*p attempts to infuse vintage clothing with the present age by collaborating with various artists, and to visualize the timeless communication I also explore the life (energy) I feel there.

When dealing with vintage clothing, I often encounter brilliant ideas.
They are like the communication beyond the time axis(war*p). In addition, I feel life (energy) in them.

My daughter has obsessed over the tag of the specific towel since she was born. she calls it "Atta-chan".Atta-chan not only calms her mind. She speaks to it and feeds it as if it were alive.
When she was 3 years old, I asked her, ”Is Atta-chan alive?" Then she nodded with no doubt.
When she was 4 and half years old, I asked her the same question. She answered " it's not alive” after thinking for a while.
For the people those who are not bound by preconceptions, a life may be described as something more emotionally connected. I consider that it is a life created by something sensuous beyond human knowledge.

It is said that the general definition of a life is an object having DNA and subject to metabolism, but it is defined by the human. When we are free from this definition, and if human beings were the living things depending on the earth, it would be possible to say that the vintage clothing attracting us and depending on human beings are the living things. In addition,  we probably consider such attractive objects as the living things because of their energy. 

I believe that there is something sensuous in vintage clothing that inspire me. Moreover, to communicate with the past ideas in the vintage clothing can be considered as transcend of time although it is one-way,

post-vintage has inspired artists and performers in various field beyond the apparel industry and spread out with the help of their expressions as media.  I will explore the possibility that such resonances will keep living as ideas inspiring us again beyond time.